Phentermine Adipex Bontril Weight Loss Pills for Healthy Weight Reduction Management

Medically Supervised Prescription Weight Loss

These diet and weight loss pills work rellay well and stopping you appetite and cravings but we still have to follow a sensible eating plan.

Well, whether we like it or not entire nation has become accustomed to just taking some medication,  some pill some magic elixir that will give them everything that they want just by taking a little tiny tablet. Taking these appetite suppressant medications will eliminate your cravings and should enable you to make the proper healthy food choices.

In today's modern society the majority of people are more sick anywhere hundred years ago. This is sad and totally not acceptable. The system of how our healthcare providers render care to us is just not working. Instead of people looking out for each other the medications, dietary recommendations and even the way we exercise is determined by which company or group of people has the biggest pockets full with the most money.

So tell me did you gain your weight when we were supposed to be eating low-fat or  did you become fat and sick when it was decided that we should be eating oatmeal seven days a week first thing in the morning followed with a nice glass of orange juice? It's totally confusing that every few years it seems the recommendations that are put forth by the so-called authority agencies seem to change. And of course there is always no shortage of companies that are willing to produce products so that we can we start good money on these usually false recommendations.

And I hate to say I was to start a family medical doctor for my yearly checkup and I did not get to see the medical doctor. I had the good fortune of seeing a newly graduated nurse practitioner who had plenty of textbook knowledge but not much experience at all.

Luckily I am relatively healthy so I just made sure that the proper routine  of yearly testing like an EKG and blood testing for specific things that I have to be on the lookout for because of my family medical history, were performed and ordered. Book knowledge is always fantastic and much respected and appreciated but that little bit extra thing called experience goes a long way in a physician's  or healthcare provider’s ability to help keep you well.

And even more alarming is that nowadays you see so many different commercials with different companies advertising their drugs, their medications for conditions that range from toe fungus to treatment of diabetes and even epilepsy. So again the future of her health seems to be controlled by whoever has the biggest bank account. Because of all of this it's no surprise that I see people walking to their doctors offices and demand that certain medications be prescribed for them even though the healthcare provider suggests that they do another medication and not the one that they saw on television.

For me I would rather depend on the recommendations of my medical doctor and not the ones that I see some actor spitting out on television commercials. And all of this adds up to you being brainwashed and manipulated by television commercials for medications, foods that are not good for use foods that will make you fat and sick like cereals, soda, sports drinks that are looted with nothing but sugar and caffeine, margarine and lots of commercials for the multitude of weight loss and diet companies. So again the truth has nothing to do with what we are being brainwashed with our television commercials and commercials on the radios. Just because you see the famous  athlete chugging down a barter of ABC sports drink does not mean that you are going to have his physique and have his skills. A

nd I bet you that he will drink what he is promoting because it's probably loaded with sugar and lots of stuff that will just make you sick and fat. It's amazing what people will do for the dollar. Because of this we have become a society that is just fat, sick and destined to die an early death. Whether you like it or not the only thing that can truly make you hoppy as you following a diet. A diet that the body was designed to eat. And this definitely is not a diet of oatmeal, soda and coffee mocha lattes.

I look at my parents and I look at my in-laws and they are well into their late 80s almost 90 years old. All of them have various health conditions. From heart attacks, strokes diabetes and even cancer but they did not develop these conditions until later in life.

And my only concern is that our generation will be suffering these types of illnesses much earlier in life because we are not following a good nutrition program and also because most of the foods and beverages that we consume our loaded with sugar and have absolutely no nourishment at all. Therefore, they do not provide us with everything that we need to be healthy and to live a long healthy life.

Our country is one of the most ambitious in the world and most of this work at least 12 – 14 hours a day in this means that most of us probably have very little time to cook so we're usually grabbing something in a restaurant or in the fast food restaurant chain. In there at times just because I'm hungry and do not want to spend a lot of money I will eat a slice of pizza and doughnut and even a hot dog that I get one I'm stopping for gas.

So I am guilty just like everyone else. Working 24 seven and not of time to take proper care of myself has definitely made me not as healthy as I would like to be. Eating good healthy food cost more money than a hot dog does her hamburger and takes more time for us to prepare  For ourselves at home. Now I do realize that we do not need to be gourmet chefs so sometimes when I get home late just throwing a few eggs in the pan and making a nice omelette with some vegetables is a great thing because it's loaded with good nutrition  that will make me healthy and skinny at the same time.

To summarize you need to eat a sensible balanced meal plan of all the food groups in moderation to be fit and healthy

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